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Denim Daydream

Thursday, July 13, 2017 / , , ,

For whatever reason, I refused to wear denim in high school. I wore nothing jean until the last half of my senior year. Now looking at my overflowing denim drawer I don't quite understand what my problem was. I think I had this notion that denim was boring and over-done, but something this classic could never be "over-done."  

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Lucky for my denim addiction, Urban Outfitters has literally every wash and fit you could possibly want. Whether you want true blue, bleached out, or black; skinny, boyfriend style, or straight leg, they have it all. You know what that means... Urban Outfitters is my one stop shop. 

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I can't even imagine not wearing denim now. In fact, I wear it almost daily.

Photo credit: Eunice Beck

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