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Sundays I'm in Love

Sunday, April 30, 2017 / , , , ,

Summer is nearing, especially here in Arizona, and I want to wear less and less clothing. I've decided to ditch my normal summer apparel of sneakers and denim shorts and t-shirts (okay, that's probably a lie) and find something more unique at Urban Outfitters

I absolutely love crochet clothing like this tunic here. It adds a bit of a retro, feminine vibe that I always love in my looks. You are bound to get compliments in such delicate designs.

Shop the look:

Remember how I said I was probably lying? Well imagine this set here with a pair of cut off denim shorts pulled on over. Yeah, it's super cute. High waisted enough so that the undies just peak out over the top of your waistband. 

Not to mention that the fabric of the top and undies are super soft and come in so many colors. I'm pretty tempted to get it in black too!

Shop the look:

Now, the showstopper of all three looks. The dress that every mermaid needs in their wardrobe. Not to mention that it matches my new hair! This dress is perfect for all those Spring/Summer weddings, or a clam bake in the Hamptons if you're really fancy. 

If I were to be getting married anytime soon, I may even be tempted to wearing it as my wedding dress. But, I'm not. 

Shop the look:

Photo credit: Willow Greene

  1. You are GORGEOUS! These are just, GOALS, I'm so in love with each of these pictures, they're so beautifully taken! Your hair goes perfect with these looks. And that dress is to die for!! <3

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies