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Dressed Up To Go Anywhere

Monday, March 27, 2017 / , , , , , , ,

Dresses are something I always seem to forget that I have. They hang in my closet and almost become an art collection to remind me of the many phases I've gone through with my style. And here's the thing, I can never seem to get rid of any that I own. They stack up and multiply, as I keep adding and adding from local boutiques, Urban Outfitters, or one-of-a-kind pieces.

Dresses hold a greater significance than any other article of clothing. Perhaps this is why I cannot stand the thought of letting one go. I am far more sentimental with the memories of weddings, family reunions, special events, and the many other occasions my dresses have accompanied me on. Take this yellow dress for example, I wore it just recently, for the first time, to go out to dinner with my Grandparents on their last night here in Arizona. That is now forever attached to this dress

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Shirts are different. You wear them more often and dress them up or down. Like this one here.

The white top, paired with the blue suede sandals? It's a casual spring look. One that I have worn multiple times already. 

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Glasses | Necklace | Top | Belt (vintage) | Jeans | Sandals

This is the off-the-shoulder top I will wear for my Spring BBQ, music festivals, or date nights, because nothing is better than wearing all your new outfits in Spring. It's refreshing and exciting and you always feel like a new person. You feel driven and motivated to start something new, get a promotion, get in shape, eat healthy, adopt an animal, or volunteer. Spring is when your "best" self comes out and why not show it with a little treat from Urban?

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  1. I think the feminine dress fits my personality style best. But they’re all lovely. Thanks for featuring the new collocation.Combine with a earring and cross over dress is like your style.