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Working from Home with UO

Monday, August 28, 2017 / , , ,

Working from home can get pretty boring when you eat, sleep, and live around your work space. I've always trusted Urban Outfitters to have a great selection of novelty decorations to keep my home fresh and interesting, fun, yet sophisticated. 

It is all too tempting to walk around in my underwear most days, my candles lit and probably some Abba playing over the speakers. Posted up on the couch answering emails and planning new content. Who needs clothes for that?

Also, if you're anything like me, I love graphic tees. Urban Outfitters has all your graphic needs to add to your collection.

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Photo credit: Willow Greene Smith

Bumble BFF Brunch

Friday, July 28, 2017 / , , , , , ,

Last Sunday I teamed up with Bumble BFF in hosting a brunch for some of my old and new friends alike. We gathered at Ocotillo Phoenix for some sangria, cocktails, food, and what was obviously about to be a lot of laughs. I towed in eight gift bags, a bouquet of sunflowers and daisies, and two teeny-tiny succulents. 

As we waited for the other girls to arrive, we ordered a few pitchers of red sangria and fruit salads.

For the ladies who didn't already have the Bumble BFF app, I helped them download it and set up their profiles! I always describe it as the dating app for friendships; it gathers all the girls in your set mile range and you can go through their profiles, see their interests, and chat if you feel like it. This is really great for people who are solo travelers, moving to a new state, or if you're like me, always looking to meet new people!

Opening the gift bags was definitely a highlight of the brunch. I spent all morning wrapping and filling the keychain size Sriracha bottles, so I was definitely pleased to see all the smiles! The gift bag itself was a yellow tote bag that says "B U M B L E", a denim, "LUCKY BEE" baseball hat, a mini Sriracha bottle, an adorable heart pin that reads "QUEEN BEE", a candle, two shimmer lip balms, and I just had to add an organic honey stick to play up on the whole bumble bee theme. 

We finished off the brunch with cocktails that all happened to be both pretty and pink, while we made plans for the near future. Maybe New Orleans? Or a casual pool day?

Photo credit: Natalie Allen

Kipling x UO

Friday, July 21, 2017 / , , , , ,

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Photo credit: Eunice Beck

Pulled on Pink

Monday, July 17, 2017 / , , , , , ,

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Photo credit: Eunice Beck

Denim Daydream

Thursday, July 13, 2017 / , , ,

For whatever reason, I refused to wear denim in high school. I wore nothing jean until the last half of my senior year. Now looking at my overflowing denim drawer I don't quite understand what my problem was. I think I had this notion that denim was boring and over-done, but something this classic could never be "over-done."  

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Lucky for my denim addiction, Urban Outfitters has literally every wash and fit you could possibly want. Whether you want true blue, bleached out, or black; skinny, boyfriend style, or straight leg, they have it all. You know what that means... Urban Outfitters is my one stop shop. 

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I can't even imagine not wearing denim now. In fact, I wear it almost daily.

Photo credit: Eunice Beck

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UO Home

Friday, June 30, 2017 / , , , , ,

After a three and a half week vacation around Europe, I was so excited to be back home in my newly decorated bedroom. Getting a house put together takes time and whenever I add something new to my space it instantly becomes my favorite thing I own, like my orange, velvet bean bag chair. Urban Outfitters has everything you might want to decorate your home, because they definitely had everything I wanted. 

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I've been fighting off my jet lag by making my bed every morning, that way I'm not tempted to climb back in. It doesn't hurt that I find my throw pillows adorable and God forbid they touch the ground. I love the mixture of color on my bed; from a cream bedspread to a charcoal quilt, an orange, velvet pin tuck pillow to a dusted pink tassel one, and then the texture of the shams. The perfect set up for me not to mess it up.

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And while I haven't truly left the house yet—except for a quick run to Sprouts—I still try and get ready. Throwing on a cute summer dress and adding a few curls to my new hair, makes me feel useful and awake. 

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Photo Credit: Eunice Beck


Wednesday, May 17, 2017 / , , , ,

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It's amazing how some extra straps can make you feel a tad bit sexier. 

Photo credit: Jordan Worthy

Sundays I'm in Love

Sunday, April 30, 2017 / , , , ,

Summer is nearing, especially here in Arizona, and I want to wear less and less clothing. I've decided to ditch my normal summer apparel of sneakers and denim shorts and t-shirts (okay, that's probably a lie) and find something more unique at Urban Outfitters

I absolutely love crochet clothing like this tunic here. It adds a bit of a retro, feminine vibe that I always love in my looks. You are bound to get compliments in such delicate designs.

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Remember how I said I was probably lying? Well imagine this set here with a pair of cut off denim shorts pulled on over. Yeah, it's super cute. High waisted enough so that the undies just peak out over the top of your waistband. 

Not to mention that the fabric of the top and undies are super soft and come in so many colors. I'm pretty tempted to get it in black too!

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Now, the showstopper of all three looks. The dress that every mermaid needs in their wardrobe. Not to mention that it matches my new hair! This dress is perfect for all those Spring/Summer weddings, or a clam bake in the Hamptons if you're really fancy. 

If I were to be getting married anytime soon, I may even be tempted to wearing it as my wedding dress. But, I'm not. 

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Photo credit: Willow Greene