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Urban Outfitters Holiday Home Decor for The City Girl

Friday, November 11, 2016 / , , ,

I have been a dedicated Urban Outfitters shopper since I was in junior high. I remember when I could finally fit into their tops and my dad took me shopping around the holidays to pick a few out. I instantly felt more confident wearing clothes that felt "right" for my unique style and personality. Everything that I wanted, I knew Urban Outfitters would have. 

I wake up and go to bed with Urban Outfitters, PJs and bedding included. Nothing is better than collapsing into your warm bed after a late night out at the local arcade bar, lighting a candle, and reading until you fall asleep. 

I love my late morning "wake ups" on the weekends. Rolling out of bed at 10 am. Dragging myself to the couch, hiding under my blanket, and placing the needle onto a vinyl of my choosing; right now it has been a lot of Stevie Nicks after my dad took me to her concert two weeks ago. 

Before I know it, it's 5 pm on a Saturday night and I am always rushing to get ready. I seem to think that it only takes me ten minutes to get ready until it's 7 pm and I have an impatient boyfriend waiting for me to head out. Urban Outfitter's bralettes are the perfect getting ready garb. And how about their new beauty product selections?

I'm the type of person who gets home after a night out and is already asleep walking through the door. And with comfy, velvet floor pillows like these? You're absolutely doomed when it comes to making it to bed.