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Thursday, October 1, 2015 / , , ,

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Isn't it funny how things come back in style? I'm not talking about middle parts and flared jeans. 

My grandfather came to visit this past weekend from Oregon and we got to talking about how my generation likes to have tangible objects and experiences we can feel. How we like to feel the book in our hand rather than purchase an ebook, smell the pages worn down from years being leafed through and dogeared. How we now long to collect vinyls that were once traded out for tapes and then CDs and later files that could be downloaded from iTunes or pirated online. But now we love the crackly sound, heavy with white noise and complete with the shaky breaths taken between notes. How we want polaroids the size of our palms to stick to our walls or put in match tins to pull out later at social gatherings and show what you chose to take a photo of for a dollar per frame.

It's funny how we have this nostalgia for a time we weren't even there for. How we want everything in bulk and real rather than one dimensional. I know I love sitting late at night when I can't sleep and looking over my book collection and rearranging them into my favorites, the classics, and my stack of books to read next. I love the act of flipping my vinyl over to play side B. And I love waiting for my picture to develop before my eyes brightening from black.

So why is it that my generation has this nostalgia?

Photo credit: Daniel Primero

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