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Gypsy James

Thursday, September 3, 2015 / , , ,

Top | Hat | Levi's (similar here and here) | Loafers (similar here and here)

This here is Gypsy James, my sweet baby kitty that I adopted while I was in Philadelphia. At the beginning of my internship I started to feel a bit lonely and my dear friend, Ashley, suggested that I look into adopting. I found this little darling and immediately fell in love; I have been wanting a black cat named Gypsy since I can remember and when I saw this little guy's spunk I knew he needed a two-name name. So here is Gypsy James, my four month old black kitty who loves to suck on my finger and bite my ankles, he hates beef flavored cat food and spends way too much time pulling all of my undies out of my drawer. Welcome to the family Gypsy James.

Photo credit: Eunice Beck