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Instagram Recap

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 / , , , , , ,

I always find it interesting going back through my instagram posts from this month and seeing which photos are my follower's favorites versus my favorites. As far as my favorites go, I enjoy the pictures of me and my boyfriend and the photos that are taken by professional photographers, rather than selfies. But, my following always seems to respond more to a selfie than a professional photo and I think I have figured out why!

Your followers like to know that you are a real person. They want to see you as obtainable, and if all you do is post professional photos that have gone through editing and most likely hair and makeup, then it isn't the true you that people see you as day-to-day. My selfies, however, are taken that same day and posted after adding a filter using VSCO cam and is a more accurate representation of who I am and what I look like in real life.

So these are my top posts this month on instagram... with the selfie being #1.

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Killer Swimwear

Thursday, September 24, 2015 / , , ,

Shop the post:

Summer is slowly fading and I took my last swim this past weekend. Dog sitting for a family with a pool means I take full advantage of it before I go back to my community pool at my apartment complex, one that I do not dare step foot in. Well, this beautiful pool made for the perfect opportunity to shoot some cool pictures in my new swimsuit from Killer Swimwear, made from Neoprene and meant to stick to you rather than fly off or ride up when taking a dip. This suit also comes in a blue color, just so you know!

Photo credit: Elijah Tubbs

Youtube: I'm Back and Here's My FAQ

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 / , , ,

Thank you all for being patient with my youtube and for providing me with all of your questions for this video! Make sure to subscribe!

URBN 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 / , ,

Taken at the MoMA

View of Philadelphia

Fourth of July in NYC

The girls on Locust Street
Top from left to right: Kennedy (me), Ashley, Alyssa
Bottom: Lauren, Mary-Sanford, Betsy

Gregory and I right after we cut my hair

City Hall in Philadelphia

Gypsy James and me

One of the last nights with friends
From left to right: David, Kennedy (me), Mary-Sanford, Ashley

Reunion with my love after two months

My dad in Philadelphia

One of the cutest buildings I had ever seen in Philadelphia

My dad, Ashley, and I at the Magic Gardens

Quick FPme shot

Some of the best sushi I've had at Fat Salmon

Kitty and me

Dad and I on the Fourth of July

Gypsy James at five weeks old

Brieana when she came to visit for two weeks

City Hall

Just a selfie in URBN inc. bathrooms

Love Wins everywhere!!

Dad at brunch in Brooklyn

Taken at the MoMA

FPme photo

Ashley and me reading before work in the magazine library

Me, Betsy, and Lauren at Jharoka before work

My new tattoo

Elijah and I in NYC

Ashley before work at the Koi pond

Well I have been back from my internship for a little over a month now and it has got to be the most memorable summer in my twenty years of life, from moving to Philadelphia and in with five strangers, starting an internship that most girls would kill for, cutting off my hair, visiting New York, getting a new tattoo, adopting a cat, being an adult for the first time and paying rent, and meeting the most amazing people. I would say that the summer of 2015 was hands down the best. 
I cannot believe how fast three months flew by. It feels like yesterday that I was standing in the Phoenix airport crying (yes you read that right, crying) my goodbyes to my family and friends. But then I was there and adjusting and making friends within the week. Only being two hours away from NYC was a huge bonus; I spent nearly every other weekend with my dad in the city and got to experience a whole new side of the city apart from the tourist attractions. 
I worked a 9-6 hour internship in the photostudio under the stylists. I learned so much about the backside of the fashion industry, the good, the bad, and the ugly; meanwhile, my own style improved watching the best of the best style out amazing outfits. I was told that I became a valuable team member in my three months working in the studio and I firmly believe that. I met stunning models from all over the world, with amazing stories to tell, and yes, I did get to tie their shoes. Working next to an incredible photography intern, we created killer portfolios that I plan on sharing within the month. I beat the odds and I got there. I was one of the lucky ones.
The friends I made while in Philadelphia will be in my life till death. They have made a tremendous impact on my life and I look forward to reunited with them all soon.

Blue Collar

Thursday, September 17, 2015 / , ,

Dress | Sneakers

Is it just me, or as Urban Outfitters stepped up their game lately? We all knew that UO was the trendy, cheaper younger sister to Free People (the Boho, hippie sister) and Anthropologie (the refined, professional sister), but now I feel that UO has grown up and has stocked their shelves with better quality pieces. For instance, this dress. I absolutely love this dress; the minute I saw it, I knew I would get a ton of wear out of it and I had to have it. It was great quality and was the same price as a plain t-shirt I had just purchased from Free People. Now, to me, that's a score!

Oh, and this sneakers with dresses trend? I'm all for it.

Photo credit: Natalie Allen

Did you see my last shoot with Natalie?

Little Black Bodysuit

Thursday, September 10, 2015 / , ,

Bodysuit (similar here and here) | Cap | Necklace (similar here and here)

Always say yes to opportunities that arise. It is truly amazing how much my life has changed and how many people I have met once I started applying this to my professional life. I can't wait to share with you all of my adventures this weekend! Stay tuned!

Photo credit: Hannah Minkner

Off Duty Lieutenant

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 / , ,

Cap | Blouse | Denim | Boots

Sometimes you try on a piece of clothing and immediately fall in love and that happened to me not one, but four times. Every item I am wearing in this post is my new favorite piece I own! The cap is super Parisian and great for all year round, it is an easy go-to hat that can be dressed up or down. The blouse has one of the most beautiful patterns I have ever seen; the colors are perfect for Fall and the material is lightweight enough to wear during the warmer months as well. These jeans can be worn with anything and they fit like a glove. And these shoes... these shoes are the next big thing, I promise you.

Photo credit: Natalie Allen

Did you see my last shoot with Natalie?