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Just a Little Fun

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 / , , ,

I am finally home after a month long excursion across the US. Let's just hope I am home longer than a couple of days this time!

January has been fun. From Santa Monica, to Philadelphia, to New York, to LA... I am pooped, but I have so many great memories to carry with me for the rest of the year. To think that this is how my 2015 has started off makes me more than pleased. School has started, I have turned 20, my best friend has turned 20, and I have heard some AMAZING news that will be shared with you soon. Life is fantastic and I hope that it will continue to be just as great. 

I am so beyond excited for what this year has to offer. 

How is everyone's 2015 going?

Photo credit: Willow Greene