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Just a Little Fun

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 / , , ,

I am finally home after a month long excursion across the US. Let's just hope I am home longer than a couple of days this time!

January has been fun. From Santa Monica, to Philadelphia, to New York, to LA... I am pooped, but I have so many great memories to carry with me for the rest of the year. To think that this is how my 2015 has started off makes me more than pleased. School has started, I have turned 20, my best friend has turned 20, and I have heard some AMAZING news that will be shared with you soon. Life is fantastic and I hope that it will continue to be just as great. 

I am so beyond excited for what this year has to offer. 

How is everyone's 2015 going?

Photo credit: Willow Greene


Tuesday, January 20, 2015 / , ,

Well, as of Friday, January 16th I am now twenty years old. I of course feel exactly the same, but just the thought of being out of my teen years makes me shudder. Being a teenager had a sense of security to it... you were old enough to have some responsibility and trust, but not too old where there was a lot expected of you. It was fun to be the dreaded teenager, people wrote songs about how horrible you were: Teenagers by My Chemical Romance or how great it is to be seventeen. I mean think about how many songs glamorize the age seventeen: Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks and Dancing Queen by ABBA are just a couple of the many. I am now old news, chopped liver, no songs shall be written about a twenty year old.
Turning twenty, you would think, would excite me... but no. I am a bit gloomy. I have a serious fear of time. I hate the progression of time, therefore I do not usually enjoy my birthday. When I sleep in too late I start to feel a little anxious... how dare I waste too much of my day sleeping. I always feel that the progression of time goes too fast, I am always afraid that I will miss something special because I am wasting my time elsewhere. Crazy? Yes. 
I was thankful that my birthday this year ran smoothly and allowed me to actually enjoy my day of birth. I was, first off, in NYC visiting my dad, which was very exciting. He made me my favorite breakfast... cinnamon rolls and sausage... and then we went shopping at French Connection for a new outfit for me to wear when we went out that night. We attended the Broadway show Cabaret with our dear friend, Greg. Starring Emma Stone and Alan Cummings, you can just imagine how brilliant the performance was. Spectacular really. We then went out for a late, late dinner around 10:45. It was a great birthday and really helped take the pressure off turning the big 2-0.
This is it, this is the beginning of my twenties. Holy s**t,

Photo credit: Willow Greene

Culinary Dropout II

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 / , ,

Culinary Dropout has opened up a new location and it is beautiful! Willow and I had the luxury of getting to go in before open and take some cool shots while inside. My favorite part by-far is the outdoor area, well equipped with games and cozy seating for nights out. Not only do they have delicious food, some of which is my favorite, but they also have a stunning atmosphere perfect for photo nerds like myself. With all of the natural light, a photo can hardly go wrong.

Photo credit: Willow Greene


Tuesday, January 6, 2015 / , , ,

So I obviously decided to take a break from blogging for a week there. I promise it wasn't premeditated, but rather spur of the moment laziness amidst all of the holiday chaos. I really have no time to breathe this month. For the month of January I am going to try out blogging on just Tuesdays and Thursdays so I allow myself the time to enjoy life and not just race through it. Sorry for the lack of notice!
Right now I am sitting in a Santa Monica hotel room preparing for my last day here styling for Brandy Melville. It has been a great adventure once again and I cannot wait to share all of my adventures with you. Stay tuned friends! Talk to you Thursday.

Photo credit: Willow Greene