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Take Care of Yourself

Wednesday, December 3, 2014 / , ,

My friend and photographer, Willow, went on a lunch date last week to True Foods, a restaurant that specializes in healthy eating. I will admit that I am not the healthiest eater and don't do anything to exercise my body other than riding my bike to school and it has caught up with me. I felt that in order to inspire myself to treat my body better, I must try to inspire others, which is the reason behind this blog post.

Thanksgiving night I suffered from terrible insomnia. It happens to everyone. Around 4:30 I accepted the fact that I wouldn't catch any sleep and took a bath to relax my muscles that were so sleep deprived they were shaking uncontrollably. This insomnia though was strikingly different from my other nights of tossing and turning though, my heart was beating incredibly hard, my lungs were having a difficult time taking in large quantities of air, and I was extremely dizzy. I figured it must just be nerves, the next day was my first time working Black Friday and I had a lot on my plate from school and business opportunities. 

Friday and Saturday night I slept the whole night through and I was so relieved by this. Sunday I went through my day and wasn't feeling too great, but not awful either and decided to go see a movie pretty late in the night. Halfway through the movie my heart started beating hard again and by the time the movie was over I felt all of the same symptoms from Thanksgiving but magnified greatly. When I arrived home I immediately took to my bed, but was again met with insomnia. This night though was accompanied by vomiting and incredible stomach pain and at one point it was so bad that I cried for a straight thirty minutes, which of course kept my boyfriend awake for most of the night as well.

Monday I decided to finally see the doctor who informed me that I was his worst patient after I admitted to not drinking water regularly and focusing most of my meals around meat products and few vegetables. I listed off my symptoms and he told me that I was severely dehydrated and he recommended I have an IV. So I sat in the examining room with the lights out hooked to an IV for over an hour that pumped a litre of fluid into my vein. That night you could say I felt a ton better. 

Tuesday I decided to take the risk of going to school... this is where you see my workaholic self shine through... and after my first class I had already hit a wall; I was desperately tired and had an excruciating headache, clearly I had overworked my body yet again. I am feeling quite awful again and may be going to the doctor quite soon, but as of now I am sitting in bed writing this post to warn you of the effects that not caring for your body can have on you. Drink water. Eat vegetables. Unhappy insides lead to unhappy outsides. Let my mistake be a lesson to you all. Take care of yourself friends.

Photo credit: Willow Greene

  1. Hi! I recently started following your blog and I absolutely admire you! I hope you get better soon & I wanted to share with you that I've had those symptoms before too :( I ended up being diagnosed with celiac disease. You can ask your doctor to run a blood exam but ultimately you need an intestinal biopsy if the blood test comes back positive.. Or you can try to be gluten free and see if your symptoms subside. Also, I had excruciating pain a few days ago ( accidentally ate something with gluten in it) and my boyfriend Google searched "ways to relieve celiac pain" and he found something (I can't remember) but he ended up massaging my feet (weird I mnow, stomach pain- why massage my feet?) but I swear the pain has never gone away so fast. Before we discovered this, all the past times I've been in so much pain that I literally cant move, breathing is hard and I'm just cuddled up in fetal position. Now idk if it'll help you, but I hope it does. <3

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  3. oh man, that stinks :( i really hope you're feeling better..this is what happened to me two years ago and thats when i decided to cut out different things and become vegan. since then I've only gotten sick once and i have never felt better. please rest and get better!! :) <3