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Brandy Melville Collection VII

Monday, December 22, 2014 / , , ,

January is going to be a busy month for me... but I can hardly wait. With the possibility of flying back to Santa Monica, CA with Willow, I am even more excited for the new year. If everything goes according to plan I will be in California working with Brandy Melville during the first week of January. On a plane headed Philadelphia the second week of January for an internship interview. And on a plane headed to New York City the third week of January for my 20th birthday. 

What am I most excited for? NYC. Hands down. Not every girl gets to spend her 20th birthday in New York and I will finally be seeing my dad for the first time after his big move to the east coast in late October. I am so excited to spend some quality daddy/daughter time in mid-January. 
In the meantime, however, enjoy these photos of me on a boat from my last trip to Santa Monica. 

Aren't they just dreamy?

Photo credit: Cammy

  1. Ahhh, gorgeous photos! You look beautiful! Spending a birthday in NYC must be terrific, hope you have a great holiday!


  2. soooooo pretty. your upcoming plans sound so exciting, congrats!! :)

  3. The photos are amazing - love your sweater!! Glad I found your blog :)



  4. Love these photos! You are so beautiful <3

  5. For your trip to NYC I would recommend this store called LF, I think you would like it because it seems like your style (it's in Soho) and I think they're only on the east coast. If you go, while in Soho there is a Brandy Melville too and I would also recommend going to the Dominque Ansel bakery and getting a cronut and/or a frozen s'more :)

  6. These photos are beautiful <3 and how exciting for daddy/daughter time & new york!!

    2015 is just such an exciting time for me. Not for any other reason than my whole outlook on life has changed. I'm me more than I've ever been.