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Goodnight Moon

Monday, November 10, 2014 / , , ,

I consider myself to be extremely lucky. I am able to attend college, I am in a healthy relationship, I have a great group of friends, and my business ventures are much more successful than I could ever have dreamed. My life is crazy to say the least and full of chaos, but it all seems to work well for me. I feel very fortunate for all that I have and for my dedication to a job at hand. You may know that I started working for Free People as a stylist in a local store this past weekend. Sunday was my official first day and went really well. I decided to apply for the position in October, because: A) I love Free People, B) A college student could always use a little extra cash, and C) I really needed some sense of normalcy in my life. I needed something to keep me grounded, because, like I said, I am extremely lucky to have all of my opportunities and at age nineteen I needed an environment where I could feel like an average college student! I am so very excited for the holiday season in the store and meeting all of the girls that I work with and who come into the store.
Happy Monday.

Photo credit: Willow Greene