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Cuddle Me Please

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 / ,

I have caught the holiday funk, which means a complete lack of motivation. My school semester is over halfway through and my work at Klury is transitioning into an at home position, but instead of enjoying this change I am adding more onto my plate. Yes, you guessed it. "Hi, my name is Kennedy and I am a workaholic." Friday I am starting my second job as a Free People Stylist and could not be more thrilled to actually work for one of my favorite companies. But, November is now going to be a challenge for me. Working for Klury, Free People, going to school full time, and working on blog content while trying to maintain my social life is going to be tough. So for the remainder of this week, I am just going to cuddle.
I borrowed my dear friend and amazing photographer, Willow's, camera for this past weekend and realized how much I miss photography. I have been using a Nikon D3000 since my freshman year of high school in 2009 and am now trying to save up for the Canon Eos 5D because if I am being honest here, the quality is ten times better and creates a much more artistic feel to the photos. Sunday morning I persuaded my boyfriend to take cuddling pictures with me and these are a product of that. I am so very proud of how they turned out and am dying to get them framed. There's nothing wrong with a little artistic cuddle.

All photos are property of Northern Indigo.

  1. hey girl! just got the 5D as well. just a tip- at full retail they're like $3,000 but there's a handful on Amazon for $460 ish, used but in great condtion! i thought it was some kind of joke that i found one for sale for less than $500 ans there's only a few scratches on the insert for the external flash. good luck! love all your posts <3

  2. Amazing and beautiful pics. I always wanted to have the Canon 5D but it's to expensive for me.


  3. Such stunning photos, and congrats on the free people gig that's so exciting!

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog