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I Am Thankful For...

Friday, November 28, 2014 / , ,

I am thankful for...

  • The gigantic family I have. Big in number, big in heart.
  • How supportive my parents are. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing one of their brag posts on FB.
  • The amazing amount of success I had this year. I am still in shock.
  • My relationship with Elijah. It is as healthy and happy as ever.
  • The companies that have put their faith in me. I have loved working with each and every one of you.
  • My new friends who have grown to be close friends. You are pretty great.
  • My old friends...who continue to get older. You'll probably be around forever.
  • The relaxing baths that have helped me through stressful times.
  • My creative writing professors who keep me motivated.
  • Arizona's beautiful landscape and sometimes awful weather.
  • The people who take the time to read my blog. Seriously, thank YOU.
  • All of my new followers on Instagram, you are all so very encouraging.
  • The books that occupy my late nights. Your stories provide me with so much inspiration.
  • Free People, where I spend all of my money.
  • Gravy.
  • The dreams I keep dreaming. I cannot wait to see what my future holds.
  • The late night cuddles and back rubs.
  • My pumping heart. My dancing feet. My tasting tongue.
Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving!

Photo credit: Willow Greene

Thanksgiving 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 / , ,

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday right after Halloween, because of two things... I love gravy and spending time with my family.

I have a serious addiction problem when it comes to gravy and will literally smother everything on my plate with it and then lick the plate clean, that is why I chose to wear a loose fitting top. The absolute worst decision you can make on Thanksgiving is wear tight clothing with no give. You end up...after your third helping...feeling bloated and beached like a whale wherever you are. This top is my favorite thing I own right now and with good reason: it's comfy, it's soft, it's affordable. Free People always has the best winter clothes which is where my whole outfit is from (working there has it's perks) and I had to splurge a little on the sweater. But, you have to admit, this is a great Thanksgiving outfit.

Have a happy turkey day friends. I hope you spend it well and with good company.

Photo credit: Willow Greene

Culinary Dropout

Monday, November 24, 2014 / , , ,

If you follow my adventures on my instagram, then you already know about my new partnership. I am now the brand ambassador of Culinary Dropout (@culinarydropout), which just so happens to be my favorite restaurant. If you are in Arizona, you should definitely check them out. Some of my favorites on their menu are, of course, the pretzel bites and the fried chicken... both absolutely delicious. And good news... they are opening their third location right in the heart of Tempe, that is pretty exciting.

They have the most gorgeous locations and such a great ambiance. Not only do they have great food, but the decor is phenomenal and truly makes dining there a whole new experience. Have you been here? What is your favorite on the menu?

Photo credit: Willow Greene

My Little Slice of Heaven

Friday, November 21, 2014 / , ,

Welcome to my bedroom. This is where clutter accumulates and turns into a museum of sorts. As you can see, I own a lot of stuff... too much, but I just cannot bear to part with any of it. One of my favorite things is buying something new for my room: a decorative pillow, a deliciously scented candle, or a postcard to add to my wall. This, however, is what makes a room yours. This is what sets apart your room from others. I believe that my room is never complete, it could always use a little something; this makes my room forever changing and growing alongside me. I have changed my bedspread numerous times... it is amazing what just that alone can do to your room, my office chair is now a vibrant blue whereas before it was a dull brown, and I am always updating my magazine wall with new inspiration. This is where turning "a house into a home" saying comes into play. Oh, and did I mention my adorable dog named Jax? Need I say more?

Take a little bit of my room with you...
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All photos are property of Northern Indigo


Wednesday, November 19, 2014 / , , ,

I have always had a serious case of wanderlust, but right now it is at an all time peak. Living in an urban part of Arizona doesn't allow for much nature, nor much diversity, so I am now desperate for a new view. I need pines and mountains and mud on the soles of my shoes. I need a backpack over my shoulders and a canteen strapped to my hip. I need to go fishing in a lake and climb to the top of the mountain and look out over my accomplishment. I need to nap on the cool grass and pick a bouquet of flowers. I need to braid those flowers into my hair and press them into my journal. I need to smell the fresh air and let it fill my lungs and brush my hair. I need to escape from my everyday life and join nature where the only noise at night are the crickets chirping. Join me. 

Photo credit: Willow Greene

Blooming at Dusk

Monday, November 17, 2014 / , , ,

There is one thing that I always forget: I have the rest of my life ahead of me. I know I am just making an assumption, but I feel that most of us may have this same problem. 

Now, I don't know if this means anything to you, but I am a Capricorn. Translation: a workaholic. I am constantly working on something. Whether I am actually at work, either being Free People or, or I am working on my blog, or at a photoshoot; I am constantly in motion. Sometimes it is hard for me to switch out of work mode and into relax mode, but I think I am getting better at. Does anyone else have this problem?

So something we need to remember: we have the rest of our lives ahead of us. No matter what age you are, you are never too old or too young to do anything that inspires you. I am only nineteen, but I am completely in love with my life. I know that sometimes I forget that. Sometimes I feel that I am behind in life, or not as good or successful as I should be. I compare myself to those that have been doing what I'm doing for longer and then realize, I am right where I need to be. I still have time to grow, as does everybody. 

A huge inspiration for me are my parents. They both realized later on in their life that they wanted more for themselves. My mother went back to college as an adult and left the food industry to become a teacher and absolutely loves what she is doing. She even went back years later to complete her Masters program. My dad a few years ago went back to college, too. He graduated in May with his degree in interior design. He has now moved to New York not even a month ago in pursuit of something new. Both of my parents have taught me to follow my dreams and are proof that no matter how old you are, you can still accomplish something new. You can still pursue your dreams. 

They remind me that I have time to accomplish my goals. I have been working so hard to accomplish them all now, that I haven't had the time to really appreciate and enjoy each goal I have reached. Just because all of your dreams don't come true the minute you start working for them, doesn't mean that they won't eventually. So now, while I have the chance, I am going to appreciate what I have accomplished and look forward to what I will accomplish in the future. 

Photo and video credit: Willow Greene


Friday, November 14, 2014 / , , ,

Jacket | Dress | Hat | Socks | Heels old (similar here)

So I have this odd obsession with trash TV. I am completely addicted to watching horrible TV shows for eight hours everyday and finishing every season of the show in just one month. It all started with watching all six seasons of Gossip Girl, then I moved on to Desperate Housewives which was my absolute favorite, next was the first four seasons of Pretty Little Liars, and now I am watching The Vampire Diaries. All are complete trash, yet all too entertaining. The drama, the scandal, the death, the secrets. I love it all a little too much. 
I am not only watching trash, but I also have watched the first two seasons of Orange is The New Black, American Horror Story, started The Walking Dead, and just recently started Sons of Anarchy. 
What are some of your guilty TV pleasures? What are some shows you find to be completely riveting?

Photo credit: Hilary Lamb


Wednesday, November 12, 2014 / , , ,

I wish it was coat weather in Arizona, but sadly you can barely wear a sweater here right now.  In the morning I wake up to cold air and wanting to bundle up in ten blankets, but by one I am peeling off those blankets and slipping into some denim shorts. It is absolutely impossible to get dressed in the morning, and find something to keep me warm in the morning and cool in the afternoon. This results in me wearing a variation of the same outfit everyday or having an outfit change midday. Either way, this weather is a pain.

Photo credit: Hilary Lamb