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Friday, October 24, 2014 / , , ,

Sadly, this is the last of my San Diego pictures, but that means a change of scenery which is always nice. Speaking of "bien" I am currently enrolled in my second French class and feel like a complete buffoon whenever I try and speak the language. I took Spanish in high school and had no problem at all with the accent, but for some reason French is kicking my butt. Not to mention, trying to talk to someone who is fluent in French is a pain in the butt... I cannot understand a word that is coming out of their mouth. Help me! Have you had a similar experience? What was your second language in school?

Photo credit: Robert Temmerman

  1. Beautiful comfy look. Love the cute tee and the cool sneakers. My second language was english and my third was french. Sadly I can't help ya with the french. I gave it up lol. Although some people recommend to watch french movies with french subtitles.


  2. There is something really romantic about this shoot :)


  3. Have a wonderful day pretty!! I’m looking forward to see your new post :D

    xx Mira

  4. what a great casual look. loving that watch also!


  5. Love the wood watch !
    And cute outfit tho =)