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Bella & Chloe

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 / , ,

A note from Bella & Chloe:
"Bella & Chloe is dedicated to selecting quality vintage jewelry and accessories for every mood, style, and occasion.  We have carefully chosen each of our unique gems from all parts of the globe in hopes that you will discover that one perfect item. With a simple click, a neatly packaged item will arrive on your doorstep!  
Here at Bella & Chloe, we know quality and pick only the most well-crafted and interesting pieces to share with our customers.  Fads will come and go, but quality vintage pieces are timeless. From that stunning pink cameo necklace to the rugged turquoise Navajo cuff, our items will elevate your personal style. We are dedicated to offering you stylish vintage accessories just waiting for a comeback. From dapper 50s tie clips, to victorian pocket knives, to chunky southwestern belt buckles; these items are too amazing to pass up!"
Photo credit: Kristine Morgan

  1. The settings of your photos are always so well thought out and complement your outfit perfectly! I am going to have to get me some of the Bella & Chloe jewelry as well :)

  2. Beautiful! Love that dress!

    - Sarah :)

  3. SO GLAD I came across your blog.
    Absolutely love your style
    & I look forward to seeing more of your posts!