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Sleepy Vibes

Monday, September 1, 2014 / , ,

Sweater Brandy Melville | Tank Top Urban Outfitters | Shorts Urban Outfitters old (similar here & here) | Socks H&M

Sometimes you need to take a break from all of the commotion around you and just relax... put on some comfy clothes, dance around in your socks, and take a nap. I figured since Monday is one the most dreaded days of the work week, I would shed some light and inspiration on the sleepy vibes. So instead of hating your job today, look forward to the time where you can leave work behind and curl up with a good book or watch Netflix with a steaming to-go container of Chinese food! Lighten up folks, it's only Monday.

Photo Credit: Kylee Patterson

  1. I completely agree! Mondays are not my favourite days and I always feel a little devastated Sundays knowing I have work the next day, but I have learnt to look on the bright side of things :) amazing photographs. xo

  2. Love the sweater! I tried it on at Brandy Melville and I regret not buying it! Lovely photos per the usual :)